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If you are a small business owner or manager who wants more time to grow and develop your core business, and desire peace of mind knowing all of your payroll related requirements are completed correctly, Tailored Business’ Payroll Service is for you.
Processing payroll internally can be a time consuming and challenging task; constant changes of payroll regulations and withholding tables. Calculating the actual payroll amounts and deductions is equally tedious.  Making all the proper quarterly and end-of-year filings for federal, state, and local payroll taxes is a pain.  Mistakes are costly.  Every year 40% of all small businesses file taxes late or with an incorrect amount, and each mistake incurs a penalty.  When you consider these payroll penalties and the value of your time, processing payroll internally can be a very costly proposition.
If you're already outsourcing payroll, you can appreciate the value.  However, there may be room for improvement. It is worthwhile to consider whether you're current payroll service is giving you everything you expect. Tailored Business Payroll Service is the complete solution for outsourcing payroll, with no hidden cost.

Payroll Services Include:

Print Paychecks
Direct Deposit
Year-end and Online W-2’s & W-3’s
Quarterly and Annual Tax Reports & Filing
Preliminary Payroll transmission Edit Reports
Garnishments or Liens on wages - paid directly
Accrual Tracking for Paid Time Off & Vacation
General Ledger Support
Payroll Advance - Tracking & Deductions
Electronic New Hire Reporting
Mandatory State Separation Notice
Payroll drawn off of service provider’s account
Check signing
Check Insertion
Earnings statements with current pay period, year-to-date
wages, taxes, and adjustments.
Payroll journals with current payroll information
Payroll worksheets to record your next payroll
Represent your company with IRS and State
Mistake free or fees are waived

Tailored Business’ Payroll Processing Rates:

Weekly Payroll - $7.00 per paycheck
Bi-Weekly or Semi-Monthly Payroll - $11.90 per paycheck
Monthly Payroll - $14.00 per paycheck