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The necessity of offering a complete compensation package to employees is an essential tool in attracting and retaining a competitive staff. Let Tailored Business Insurance Service structure a benefit package that will be useful to participants and cost effective for the employer.

Tailored Business Insurance Brokerage will create a benefit package, which will best fit your company’s needs. Select from a wide range of benefits available, for example:

Group Health Short & Long Term Disability
Group or Individual Life Hospital Indemnity
Dental Property and Casualty
 Accident Cancer

When employees have questions about your policy; i.e.
premiums, qualifying events, they can be sent directly to
Tailored Business for answers
Claim assistance
Assist in billing disputes
Send initial notice of the rights for State Continuation
or COBRA, to terminated employees
Provide annual Open Enrollment notices, advising your
employees of any policy changes and assisting in their
enrollment process
Send State Continuation or COBRA election form with
instructions for participating
If you are disappointed with your current benefit package
we will generate competing quotes for your review. Tailored
Business will have the ability to look at your policy at any
any time, and recommend changes, which would best fit your
needs (If so desired; within the policy year or as a standard
practice when the policy renews)

Combining Tailored Business Payroll and Insurance services empowersus to be a true Human Resources center for your company.  Centralizing these two essential services allows Tailored Business to offer far more service, with no additional cost

Tailored Business will enroll qualifying new employees in a
timely and seamless manner.  Educating new employees
how to start their premium deduction process and avoid
back premiums.  Keeping the expenses for your participating
employees, as well your company’s contributions spread
evenly premiums, qualifying events, they can be sent directly
to Tailored Business for answers
When there are discrepancies on the bill, Tailored Business will
dispute the bill on your company’s behalf
When an employee is terminated from the plan, outside of the
time frame the carrier needs for proper billing, Tailored Bus-
iness will pay the bill and wait for the credit from the carrier.
However, your company will only be charged the appropriate
amount for the month
Develop a process where your company never pays for the
coverage of a terminated employee
Mailing the monthly invoice for participants enrolled in State
Continuation or COBRA, and remitting payment to the carrier
Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Tailored Business will set up and
administer a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan.  Allowing for qualified
benefit expenses to be payroll deducted on a pretax basis

Additional Services Tailored Business may provide, with surcharge or third party administration fee include:

Worker's Compensation Administration
Flexible Spending Account
Employee Handbooks