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Before we run your first payroll, Tailored Business will:

1. Collect all necessary payroll related information about your company, review and sign contract
2. Meet with your employees personally to assist employees in completing all necessary paperwork:
i. W-4
ii. I-9
iii. Employee General Data Sheet
iv. Auto Deposit Authorization

The payroll process each pay period is simple:

1. Send Tailored Business hour and wage information the first business day following the end of your company's pay period.
2. Tailored Business processes payroll.
3. Within 24 hours, Tailored Business submits preliminary payroll.
4. Tailored Business drafts payroll invoice from designated account two days prior to scheduled pay date.
5. Tailored Business distributes pay checks to employees
6. Tailored Business deposits all federal, state and local taxes on behalf of client.

New hires and terminations are also simple:
1. New hires - send Tailored Business the following paperwork for each new employee:
i. W-4
ii. I-9
iii. Employee Data Sheet
iv. Auto Deposit Authorization
2. Terminations - Inform Tailored Business of the name of the terminated employee, the reason for termination, and the date last actively at work and we will send a "State Mandated Separation Notice" to the employee.

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