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If you are a small business owner or manager who wants more control over the financial state of the organization, but the cost of hiring a full or part-time bookkeeper is prohibitive, Tailored Business’ Bookkeeping Service is for you. We'll reconcile your bank accounts and credit card statements, and provide you with four key financial reports that will tell you exactly how your business is performing! For most small or start-up businesses, this service cost as little as $100 per month. However, we will tailor our service to fit the specific needs and budget for your company. You can have the financial order you desire, and the peace of mind to make informed financial decisions. Let Tailored Business be your bookkeeper.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services
$70 Hr (Billed to the minute)*

*Flat monthly rate also available

Bookkeeping services consist of, but are not limited to the following:
Establish initial chart of accounts (if needed)
Create paper filing system (if needed)
Post accounts payable
Generate and mail accounts payable checks
Generate and dispatch customer Invoices
Receive and post accounts receivables
Post deposits
Record bank charges
Reconcile all bank accounts
Record Manual Checks disbursed
Generate miscellaneous ledger entries
Record Credit Card Transactions
Prepare Journal Entries columns
Preparation of Sales Tax Return

Consulting and Special Services $85 Hr

Operations Development
Policies & Procedures Development
Handbooks & Manuals
Writing/Reviewing Contracts
Budget Creation and Implementation
Cash Flow Analysis and Goal Planning/Execution

Bookkeeping Financial Reports

Bookkeeping Reports consist of, but are not limited to the following:
Balance Sheet
Monthly Profit & Loss Statement
Year to Date Profit & Loss Statement
Statement of Cash Flow
Accounts Receivable Aging
Accounts Payable Aging
Sales Tax Reporting
General Ledger
Bank and Credit Card reconciliation Reports
Job Costing Reports

The Tailored Business bookkeeping team currently has comprehensive knowledge of the following accounting software packages*:
Client Bookkeeping Solutions
Simply Accounting
MS Money

*The Tailored Business bookkeeping team can confidently perform bookkeeping services on any software package.

Qualified Tax Preparation $60 Hr

Corporate Tax Return $500* minimum charge
Self Employed Returns $250 minimum charge
Personal Returns $35* minimum charge

*Pricing assumes Client provides financials and list of assets. Tailored Business will gladly assist Client in producing necessary financials at the hourly bookkeeping rate.